About Us

About Modalmais

Banco Modal was founded 25 years ago with a vision for innovation focusing on investments and coordination of large operations in the Brazilian market, and establishing strategic partnerships with leading local and international financial agents.

This vocation for innovating and investing created an opportunity that would later transform the entire market.

We believe that financial platforms should be an integrated ecosystem in which banking and investment services work side by side.

With the customer in mind, modalmais emerged in 2018 as one of the first investment platforms integrated with a digital bank. In an intuitive, practical and digitalized fashion, we offer a broad base of banking products and services associated with a comprehensive investment platform, allowing investors to achieve their goals in one place.

The modalmais platform was strategically designed in an integrated manner from scratch, using a Different by Design technological architecture, meaning we are always ahead of the industry’s novelties and digital transformations.

That is why the modalmais digital bank is complete. It provides security and convenience for the customer to perform everyday activities, such as paying bills or making fast, secure transfers via Pix, carrying out credit transactions, or making investments. All through one of the most complete platforms of financial products, which combines our own products with those of the main Brazilian banks and asset management companies, and also with exclusive products from our partner Credit Suisse.

We know that financial knowledge and investments go together. The goal of modalmais is not only promote a broader and democratic access to investment products: we see financial education as an important transformational factor within our industry. This means we aim to offer more than exclusivity and a broad portfolio: we want to combine these offers with tailored financial intelligence, through quality educational content delivered either via digital platform or direct financial advice.

It is precisely through education and financial advisory that we seek to strengthen our growth strategy. This includes products and services tailored to various investor profiles that range from beginner to expert, conservative to aggressive, from individuals to large asset managers, independent financial advisors’ offices to Family offices. We offer the best customized solutions for everyone in a distinguished manner.

This is how we became the digital bank for investors.

modalmais invests in people and in the future.